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HADERBURG Brut Alto Adige


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HADERBURG Brut Alto Adige

Haderburg Cellar

In the mid-1970s, the daring transformation from being a fruit-growing farm concerned only with the production and sale of grapes and apples to a winery which processes its own grapes.

Since that turning point, enthusiasm for good wines and champagnes has set the tone for the work in the vineyards and in the wine cellar.

All begins applying strict standards right in the vineyards. Thorough pruning of the grapevines and a strict selection of grapes ensure a high-quality final product. The harvest is done exclusively by hand.
During the maturation process, too, they employ great care. The white wines ferment slowly and are bottled only in the summer of the following year. This preserves the fine fruity notes. The white wines gain in strength, without losing their fruitiness.

Following open-mash fermentation, the red wines are allowed to mature in part in new and in part in old casks. Bottling takes place only 18 months later.
The Pinot noir Riserva and our white Sauvignon selection are allowed to mature even longer in the cask, and are sold only two to three years after harvesting, at the earliest.


Grapes selected, fermented and aged in steel vats. After bottling (first spring after harvest) second fermentation in bottle, min. 24 months of maturation on the yeasts, traditional riddling on pupitres, disgorgement and period of ageing before sale.


Intensive and elegant Bouquet with scents of Golden Delicious.


Balanced, fine vigor and great liveliness.

Food Pairing

Aperitif, salmon, fish dishes.

Contiene solfiti

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