Free Shipping

No shipping charges for any order which includes.

Click here to know the shipping costs for orders less than 6 bottles.


Our wines are currently delivered to our clients by MBE (MailBoxes) in Italy UPS (world).


Fons Vinum, aware of the ecological impact of the packaging on the environment, has decided to use (for both 6 and 12 bottles) a patented packaging made completely of cardboard (no polystyrene!) which is ecological, recycled, reusable and recyclable!

The high sturdiness of the particular mixture and typology of the chosen cardboard is a protective barrier for the product. The designed shape makes the bottle isolated and distanced from the outside, the particular edges of the cardboard can soften any knock of the bottle in case of crash.

The packaging which includes 1, 2, 3 bottles consists in special polystyrene cells and it is contained in thick cardboard boxes.

Broken Parcel

If the delivered package has been broken and/or infringed, following a suitable notice on the delivery letter of the courier Fons Vinum will take care to reintegrate totally or partially the damaged material. At the present Fons Vinum boasts 100% packages delivered intact!

Delivery Times

The ordered goods are processed and delivered in about 2-3 days, we will inform you by e-mail the shipping codes. In this way you can monitor the traceability of your package through the special function on the website of the courier.

Shipping Costs

No shipping charges for any orders of at least 6 bottles.

The costs for the orders which include less than 6 bottles vary according to the weight and are as follows:

[table color=”white”]

up to 3 Kg  € 7,67 + IVA
From 3,01 Kg to 10 Kg € 9,40 + IVA
From 10,01 Kg to 20 Kg € 10,17 + IVA
From 20,01 Kg to 30 Kg € 11,00 + IVA
From 30,01 Kg to 50 Kg € 15,16 + IVA
Over 50 Kg € 0,42 + IVA al Kg


[alert]For the cash on delivery you have to add Eu 9,00 + VAT to the shipping.[/alert]