About Us

Fonsvinum S.n.c. was founded in 2010 by an idea of three friends, Fabio 32 years old, wine producer, Oscar 35 pc expert and “wine aficionado” who from years now has lived his fondness by visiting wine companies throughout Italy and Nicola 31, refined taster and web designer.

For these reasons we decided to create a synergy between our great passion both for the wine, our territory which is so dedicated to the production of unique and great wines and the high-tech, the power offered by the web and in general by internet.

We will try over the time to offer you a wide selection of products coming from both wine companies which are already known and famous on the Italian market and from others which we had the chance to know directly and from which we appreciated their wines and their way to work without lingering only on the “bottle”, but discovering that a world exists behind it, a world of people who provide us their willingness to do, their sacrifices, and above all their passion in what they do.

Because producing wine is an art which means go beyond a label, by discovering the artist who produces it, that will help us to appreciate him deeper, to understand him closer by tasting the same sensations which the producer tried to convey in the wine by making in this way a simple convivial moment which will be unique and often unforgettable.

A few pictures taken in our wine areas…

Our Wineshop

In our wineshop you can find a selection of wines which we have carefully chosen, all of high quality and all offered to a right price. The products we sell fulfil the most demanding wine consumers. It is possible to find important and/or unknown labels, prestigious wines ideal for a special occasion, also every day wines but always with an one and only common denominator: high quality.


Fonsvinum.com is not simply a website, behind it there are above all three people who constantly, day by day follow it and reply to your questions and requests as soon as possible. We do our best to offer you an increasingly complete service which is also advanced and innovative.


Fonsvinum is present into the internet not only with its website, but also around here and there in the net because we think that in the web of today it is important to meet the surfers’ expectations and communicate with them directly. For this reason Fons Vinum is also “social”, we are present in two of the most important social network in the web, follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Furthermore fonsvinum.com is an ever evolving world, stay connected and watch out for surprises!

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