VIGNETI MASSA Sterpi Timorasso 2020


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Timorasso VIGNETI MASSA Sterpi Timorasso 2020


Sterpi,┬ánamed after the vineyard where once there were only “scrub”.

The reflections of straw yellow are lit; and even the smells initials.

The hot vintage in the vineyard results in fruit sensations stronger and juicy, enriched by those hints hydrocarbon resin and which are in the DNA of the grape.

The palate is more than hot (15.2%), always marked by an input soft, almost buttery.

The drink regularly follows the plot bouquet with ripe fruit always on top, well defined, and in the background the “usual” herbaceous tones and minerals.

The Tortona hills are a reservoir of great white wines in the Piedmont where born some of the most extraordinary red wines in the world.

The timorasso is a native variety and Walter Massa starts his ride to rediscover it and enhance it in the mid-80s, solo ever.

By 3 hectares in 2000 (including 1.5 his Monleale) to more than 50 today, a lot has changed but not the communicative approach, authentic and generous Walter. Sterpi – originally from a vineyard full of “weeds” – is one of its flagship cru (along with the Costa del Vento) and summit recognized the name.

Not enough distinctive personality of youth, aging beautifully.

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