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Giuseppe Quintarelli Primofiore 2020


Dal colore rosso rubino scuro,morbidamente speziato con sentori di amarena e goudron.

Intenso ed impeccabile, elegante e tannico.

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Primofiore Giuseppe Quintarelli 2020

In the winery in Via Cerè, quintessential wine tradition, there is a small signs of change, due to the arrival of Fiorenza, daughter of Giuseppe Quintarelli, who recently passed away, in the management of the winery.

The work of Giuseppe Quintarelli has been a real source of inspiration for all those manufacturers who have begun to grapple with the production of Amarone, and today the winery can be considered a point of reference for those who want to approach this wine.

The company, also without the supervision of its founder, continues to be an excellence in this world.

Vineyards and traditions

The vineyards surround the winery and are mostly on calcareous and basaltic soils. The rest of the property includes land in Sant’Ambrogio, in the famous Conca d’Oro, in Montorio and Valgatara. Great attention to details, such as the use of wooden stakes in vineyard, precautions in pruning, wooden boxes for harvesting and arelle bamboo for drying, are the aspects that in the vineyard and winery are adopted to ensure maximum wine quality in full respect of the traditions.


Complexity, character and uniqueness in the aromas are the essential characteristics of the wines of Quintarelli, who are at one with their land of origin, proud bearers of a unique and inimitable as the Amarone.


The Primofiore Rosso by Quintarelli is a wine really amazing, especially if you forget the bottle purchased in the cellar for a few years. It’s a blend of Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon; emanates from young vegetal notes, typical of Cabernet, but with the passing of years evolving towards spicy notes and hints of dried red fruit.

The Primofiore Rosso borns in Negrar, from the noble heart of the Valpolicella Classico on vineyards resting on hilly terrain of volcanic and limestone. The grapes after harvest, are left to dry for a month in wooden boxes before allow to ferment the wort for at least one year in oak casks. In the glass it opens with notes of violet and cherry and gives us a spicy finish, soft, elegant, beautiful freshness and great balance. It’s a red wine that represents the philosophy of Valpolicella, the philosophy of Quintarelli. It’s the essence of tradition and familiarity.

  • Colour: Intense ruby ​​red
  • Scent: Notes of violet with hints of cherry and a spicy finish
  • Taste: Soft, beautiful freshness and flavor, well-balanced
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