GIUSEPPE RINALDI Barbera d’Alba 2022


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GIUSEPPE RINALDI Barbera d’Alba 2022

GIUSEPPE RINALDI Barbera d’Alba 2022


The coellar was founded in 1890 by the first Rinaldi who worked as a farmer in the vineyards of the Marchese Falletti from Barolo. In a short time he becomes the owner of a small parcel and begins to trade the grapes. Then, he begins to fall in love with the winemaker’s activity and transmits it as a legacy to his children. From generation to generation, the company is still in the hands of the Rinaldi family and now it is Giuseppe and his daughter Marta who deal with it. The family vineyards are located in the most recognized crus of Barolo: Brunate, Cannubi-San Lorenzo and Ravera. The company has always had a two-way relationship with nature and its territory, taking care of it as if it were a precious creature. Each details of their activity becames elements that are enhanced in the wine. 

“Like all good things, Barolo is a complex of many messages that reach the nose, the palate, the head, it must be complex, a combination of perfumes and tastes, all the times we should be faced with something new , of the nuances that surprise us ” (Giuseppe Rinaldi)


The barbera d’alba Giuseppe Rinaldi & Egrave; young and fresh with a vibrant acidity & agrave; that supports wine in the aging phase.

  • Tactile sensations are pleasant as pleasant & egrave; on the nose, where notes of violet passito and undergrowth are highlighted.
  • Engrossing and outspoken mouth with a slightly bitter finish.


Exceptional combination with cured meats and cheeses. A snack wine that can also be enjoyed on firm mat or meat carpaccio.

Contiene solfiti

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