GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco


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GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco

GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco

Winery GAJA

Gaja is today a winery that counts in Piedmont almost 100 hectares of controlled vineyards. The cellar Gaja was born in 1859 in Barbaresco, in the heart of the Langhe, and has always been recognized as one of the symbol-names in the production of Barbaresco.

From the founder Giovanni to Angelo Gaja, this family has always sought the quality. Piedmont is one of the most popular regions for the production of great wines. Here, the Nebula often takes the contours of poetry.

Angelo Gaja, in the 1960s, had the merit of renewing traditions. This meant importing new techniques such as cutting production per hectare, greater control of fermentation temperature, and careful use of barriques. Gaja has so been able to keep up with the times, without falling into the fossilization of the tradition. A success built with intelligence and intuition, inherited from the rigor and predicament sacrifices and developed and consolidated over the last decades thanks to Angelo’s formidable guide. Gaja has built around her the image of a strong and indisputable brand, a symbol of Barbaresco’s greatness and a wine that tells the poetry of her territory in the glass.

Grappa Barbaresco

Grappa obtained from the distillation of Nebbiolo grape pomace.

Distillation process: the distillation of the Nebbiolo pomace, dripping with wine, takes place in a cutting-edge system in order to preserve all the varietal aromas and fragrances intact. The still used is of the discontinuous type, made of steel, and inside the pomace is passed through by a jet of steam, which carries the alcoholic vapors with it. These, subsequently aspirated into the distillation column, produce a distillate which originally has an alcohol content of 70 – 75° which, before bottling, will be diluted with distilled water until the alcohol content is brought to that indicated on the label.

Distillation period: October

Characteristics: large and floral bouquet with fruity nuances of ripe fruit and citrus fruits. From the olfactory expression to the gustatory one, a harmonious and captivating development. It comes in an elegant package, perfect to use as a gift, in a 500m bottle.

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