COPPO Monteriolo Chardonnay 2020


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COPPO Monteriolo Chardonnay 2020


-Coppo style-

Harmony and elegance, attention to detail and the search for quality without compromise.

Coppo wines have always expressed Piedmontese wine tradition, and tell a story of hard work in the scope of one objective: excellence.

Coppo follows every stage of the winemaking process with passion and diligence from vine growers, specialized enologists, and expert vintners. Their goal is to guarantee maximum respect for the grape variety and for the environment, developing it so it best expresses its inherent characteristics.

-Coppo history-

The history of Coppo winery is inextricably wound with the wine history of Piedmont. It is closely linked to the development of the city of Canelli, known as the capital of Italian sparkling wine and one of Italy’s most important viticultural centers today.

Coppo’s history is one of tradition and courageous vision for the future, of sacrifice and innovation. It is a story of the unconditional love that Coppo has for their vines’ origins, for varieties that have always been cultivated in Piedmont, and for old family traditions.

The origins of the winery date back to 1892. For over 120 years, the family has remained the sole owner. Since the very beginning, the Coppo family has managed estate vineyards and bottled their own wine under the name of Coppo, making it one of the oldest family-run wineries in all of Italy.

In fact, in 2012, Unioncamere added the winery to the national register of historical businesses, highlighting its uninterrupted activity for over a century in the commodity market.


Chardonnay is not, as many believe, a recent introduction to Piedmont. This grape has been present in the region since the first half of the 1800s, thanks to Filippo Asinari, Count of San Marzano and Costigliole and an important political-military figure. Upon his return from France, where he collaborated side-by-side with Napoleon, he brought home several vines of Chardonnay from the famous vineyards of Montrachet with plans to cultivate them in Costigliole. Chardonnay still grows in Piedmont today because the combination of the soil and microclimate is well suited to this variety, allowing it to take root and flourish.

  • Vinification system: soft pressing and fermentation in french oak barrels
  • Malo-lattic: partially carried out
  • Aging: 9 months on fine lees in french oak barrels with several batonnages

-Vintage 2020

  • COLOR: intense, vivid and bright straw yellow
  • NOSE: after the initial vegetal sensations typical of Chardonnay, an intense note of fresh exotic fruits and yellow peach arises. The finish is is captivating and floral.
  • TASTE: unexpected freshness favored by an elegant mineral structure
  • PAIRINGS: lobster, mustard chicken, bitto cheese

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