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TIEZZI Poggio Cerrino Brunello di Montalcino 2018


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HE DISTANT AND NOBLE ORIGINS… of Podere Soccorso are linked to the life of one of the family’s ancestors, Prof. Riccardo Paccagnini, who has recently been described as “a pioneer of Brunello” and was one of the first winemakers from Montalcino to become involved in the sales of this wine. It was here, in fact, that in 1870, the first wine to bear the “Brunello” label was created, obtaining important acknowledgements in Rome, Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux. Numerous certificates, medals and prizes were awarded to Brunello Soccorso in the 1800s, all of which have been kept by the estate, being historical documents of fundamental importance.

THE TIEZZI WINE ESTATE… bears the name of its owner, Enzo Tiezzi, a well-known agronomist-oenologist from Montalcino, who has always worked in the winegrowing and oenology sector around Siena, particularly in Montalcino, where for years he has been director and oenology consultant for estates of outstanding fame, as well as being part of the executive management and Chairman of the Consortium for Brunello di Montalcino.

In the 1980s, Mr Tiezzi decided to set up his own business and established the estate with the purchase of “Cerrino”, the first of the three areas, known as “poderi”, that make up the whole estate as it is today, followed, a few years later, by “Cigaleta”. His love of Montalcino’s history and his search for tradition led Enzo Tiezzi to annex the historical “Soccorso” land parcel to the estate.


Brunello di Montalcino is made using traditional methods and is naturally stabilised. No filtering takes place before bottling.

-Organoleptic qualities-

  • Colour: Deep garnet red.
  • Perfume: Intensely vinous with scents of ripe fruit and a light vanilla note.
  • Flavour: Full, harmonious with sensations of ripe fruits of the forest. Tannic with a lingering aftertaste.

-Serving suggestions-

Serve with tasty dishes; roast and barbecued meat, mature cheeses and dry patisserie.
To fully enjoy this wine, we recommend uncorking well in advance and serving at 18/20°C

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