SAN MICHELE APPIANO Sanct Valentin Gewürztraminer 2021


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SAN MICHELE APPIANO Sanct Valentin Gewürztraminer 2021

SAN MICHELE APPIANO Sanct Valentin Gewürztraminer 2021


Grand and dignified, St. Michael-Eppan Winery has been enthroned in the center of South Tyrol’s most important wine-growing community for over a century. For more than two thousand years, wines have been grown in the area around Eppan, known for its ideal growing conditions, and it is these grapes that are being processed at St. Michael-Eppan Winery.

The 330 winemaking families that form the backbone of the winery joined forces in 1907 to create St. Michael-Eppan Winery. Their great passion is the wine with which they have been associated for generations. Offering knowledge, tradition and passion, each individual contributes to the fact that the winery is blessed with outstanding grapes, which are processed in the cellars with meticulous attention to detail and a great deal of skill.

Respect for the grape is the top priority”

It is in the cellars that the processing of the grapes comes to completion, and it is here that tradition meets innovative winemaking technology.
Respect for the grape is the top priority, too: nothing is more important than accepting the particularities of the individual vineyard sites and the different grape varieties.

Exceptional, fully ripe grapes are a prerequisite for high-quality wines, and they are pressed with meticulous attention paid to different vineyard sites and differences in quality. Only through individual vinification can the unique terroir be emphasized and highlighted. The wine grows towards full maturity in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.


This wine is the favorite of the Italians and the indigenous white grape variety in South Tyrol. The beguiling Gewürztraminer ranks among the most exciting growths in the wine world. Sanct Valentin Gewurztraminer has an intense and complex bouquet, with aromas reminiscent of Asian spices, the delicate scent of roses and exotic fruits. As early as 1986, Gewurztraminer was vinified for the first time as the top growth of the Sanct Valentin line. It is set apart for its longevity, which promises a wonderful drinking experience even after many years.


Maceration of the grapes followed by gentle pressing. Fermentation and development in stainless-steel tanks.

Pairing Recommendations

Goes extremely well with spicy dishes such as foie gras and strong cheeses. It also pairs nicely with piquant spices and culinary herbs in addition to seafood risotto and the South Tyrolean specialty Kloaznravioli mit Graukäse.


  • Colour: Golden yellow
  • Scent: Broad potpourri of aromas ranging from the fragrance of roses to exotic fruit to Asian spices
  • Taste: Vigorous, complex, subtle residual sugar

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