Moscato D’Autunno Paolo Saracco 2022


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Moscato D’Autunno Paolo Saracco 2022

The wonderful glittering gold-colored grapes that ripen on the hills surrounding Castiglione Tinella make this nectar very special.

Throughout history many different grape varieties have been planted but Moscato d’ Asti has proven to be the perfect grape for this territory.

The vineyards belonging to the Saracco family are in a perfect microclimate for the Moscato grape d’ Asti; the soil is comprised of limestone mixed with sandy veins and the elevation provides just the right temperature and humidity balance. Vineyard management and strict control over the winemaking process contribute to Paolo Saracco’s being referred to in the press as the “The Maestro of Moscato”.

The strength of Moscato D’Autunno  lies precisely in an almost total approximation towards perfection, with varietal notes brought towards the extreme expressiveness: thus deep citrus and candied fruit notes follow one another, with fresh, finely balsamic hints that anticipate an elegant finish with vibrant aromatic returns. For those who love the genre, Moscato d’Autunno is an obligatory step, like a return to the fundamentals of this sweet typology that Saracco has interpreted according to stylistic precision and adherence to territorial tradition.


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