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MIANI Friulano Buri 2010


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MIANI Friulano Buri 2010



The cellar Miani is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a high-quality wine-producing region capable of producing excellent white wines. The cellar is managed by Enzo Pontoni, a true “plant lover”. From the first beginning of its productive history, this reserved and thoughtful man has put all its energies into the raison d’être of every single ‘individual’, almost considering it as a microclimate, capable of generating only a fruit unique in size and Flavors.

From here and from the exceptional soils, the products of great intensity are born whose purpose is to make justice to a terroir absolutely peculiar inside the Colli Orientali, represented by an authentic big cru like the village of Buttrio. Over time, the work was also refined  acquiring raffinate tones  in the clear ambition of gaining a position of classicism and sophistication away from excessive clamor in full coherence with a Franciscan tradition, respectful of plants, animals and humans.


Less than 10 thousand bottles come out of this small company in Buttrio every year and obviously focus on quality and not on quantity, so as to reach very high levels also and above all with Refosco and with Merlot as well as with Friulano, Sauvignon, Ribolla and the Chardonnay in spite of an Italian wine culture that would like Friuli as a land of excellence only for whites.

  • Color: Straw yellow with light golden reflections.
  • Nose: Hints of yellow-fleshed fruit, chamomile and aromatic herbs with mineral notes of dried fruit, hay, honey and yellow flowers.
  • Mouth: genuine supported by remarkable freshness and minerality.

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