The Mayr-Unterganzners have always been involved with the art of wine making. Evidence of this is a well preservered old booklet containing wine making lessons for wine masters.

In the past the wine was kept exclusively in wooden barrels and long before the beginning of the twentieth century it was also transported outside the regional borders. However the present wine celler is designed with cement and steel and equipped with the latest innovative technology. Nevertheless the wooden barrel still plays, as it did before, a very important role. The most superior wines are kept exclusively in wooden casks. Our reward for the conscious care and effort which we given to the grape production and wine making is a superior high quality wine. The hard earned high quality that begins in the vineyard is preserved, maintained and promoted in the cellar.

As a result of our creativity and our love of wine making we have managed to create an exclusive superior quality wine for special people.


„An imporant wine from selected Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Lagrein, Petit Verdot and Merlot grapes from late harvest, fermented separately with great care and finally blended“

GRAPE VARIETY: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Lagrein
TYPE OF SOIL: alluvial and moreinic of porphyritic origin
TRAINING SYSTEM: pergola and guyot – trained
CROPPING DENSITY: 6000 – 10000 vines / ha
VITICULTURAL INTERVENTIONS TO ENHANCE GRAPE QUALITY: 50% of the grapes are thinned in July; one part of
the grapes of Cabernet are dried directly on the rootstock
HARVESTTIME: staggered, from the beginning of October to the middle of November
WINE MAKING PROCEDURES: grapes are de-stemmed and crushed; alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature; maceration both on Cabernet and Petit Verdot skins for 10 days and on Lagrein skins for 7 days
AGEING: malolactic fermentation; total maturation period in mainly new French oak barrels for 18 months; assemblage just before bottling

-Tasting notes-

  • COLOUR: high ruby intensity
  • AROMA: on the nose it displays ripe, dried fruits and red currrant notes with hints of vanilla
  • FLAVOUR: its unctuous taste is persistant and elegant, its silky tannins dominate the palate and leave a pleasant fragrant final