MASSOLINO Margheria Barolo 2017


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MASSOLINO Margheria Barolo 2017

MASSOLINO Margheria Barolo 2017


The history of the Massolinos and their wine became entwined with the history of Serralunga d’Alba in 1896, when Giovanni founded the Estate. Giovanni was the very first person to bring the electric current to the village. An enterprising, tenacious and creative man, progenitor of a family that has made the combination of inspiration and tradition something to be proud of.


The first wine cellar was built by Giuseppe, son of the founder Giovanni, who, together with his sister Angela, extended his estate into the best soils and, in 1934, was one of the founders of the Consortium for the Defence of Barolo and Barbaresco. At that time, Giuseppe had six children. Three of them, Giovanni, Camilla and Renato, followed in their father’s footsteps, expanding the estate with the purchase of cru vineyards which are authentic jewels: Margheria, Parafada and Vigna Rionda.


Making wine with passion, in its land of origin, preserving the typical characteristics of the autochthonous grape varieties; being convinced that there is a deep and tangible link between the vines, hills and winegrowers, made up of affinities cemented, by habit, to the land. Since 1896, the Massolino family has been making wine this way, loyal to this philosophy and to the capacity for innovation in the name of tradition. In short, loyal to itself.


In Margheria, an historic cru from the distinctive climatic and soil conditions placed in one of the most striking place of Serralunga d’Alba, was created a first-class Barolo, turned into a true legend by the Massolino family, vintage after vintage.

-Vineyard Margheria-

The vineyard Margheria, which covers about one hectare and a half, is part of this illustrious array; placed at the optimum altitude of 340 meters above sea level and constantly sunny. So it receives the protection of Castelletto hill from cold winter winds coming from north-west; with a mild microclimate perfect for the vegetative growth of the vine. In addition, the Margheria calcareous soil with good percentages of sand allows the wines that are born here to acquire a very good suite of mineral compounds and an elegant flavor profile.
All this is easily verified in the Barolo Margheria by Massolino: this wine is a “classic” for its adherence to the traditional style of Nebbiolo from Serralunga; an harmonious taste and a powerful tannic structure when young, smoothed by the beneficial influence of time.

-Tasting notes-

  • Colour. Deep garnet red
  • Scent: Intense and deep spicy hints of cherry, licorice and berries, with delicate floral scents on the finish, of roses and berry
  • Taste: full-bodied and intense, well structured, fresh and tannic, harmonious and with a long finish

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