Luciano Sandrone Barolo Vite Talin 2015


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Luciano Sandrone Barolo Vite Talin 2015

The wine

Vite Talin is born, the new Barolo of the Sandrone family in which the grape shines more intensely than the territory.

It took 25 years of trials and evaluations . In 2019, after six years of aging, the first vintage of Barolo Vite Talin of 2013 is released. A wine born and destined to be as it was imagined by Luciano. A combination of enthusiasm, curiosity, humility and dedication.

The story of Vite Talin is all of this enclosed in the intellect of Luciano Sandrone, in 1987 a curious boy with a great desire to do, and in the trust of an elderly winemaker, Natale Ronzana, known as Talin, willing to entrust his vineyard to The Coasts of Barolo, in Luciano. And it is precisely in the aforementioned plot that Luciano, working among the rows, notices a vine with particular characteristics : sparse and small bunches, grapes of smaller dimensions than the norm and with a dark blue color, very pruinose, more contained vegetation, less vigor than the others thick, jagged leaves. The plant is not uprooted but marked and observed year after year : it shows the same traits in every season.

Thus Luciano starts an experimentation phase: micro-vinifications confirm good colour, excellent tannins and balanced alcohol. Between the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, the plant object of Luciano’s curiosity, through the technique of grafting in the field, is multiplied. Over the course of four years, it can be said that the unique traits are repeated in the vineyard. In the cellar, the new wine has an above-average structure. At the same time a collaboration with the National Research Council is activated , in the person of Anna Schneider, researcher at the Center for the Genetic Improvement of the Vine.

Luciano Sandrone: “This wine expresses a journey begun to preserve and protect what Mother Nature has commanded. It could only be Vite Talin: “vine”, in honor of that singular plant and “Talin”, to pay homage to that elderly winemaker, who trusted me, who believed in my ability to marvel. I welcomed the fruits of the earth, I seized and cultivated an opportunity. Nebbiolo: my life”

Only in 2017, thanks to DNA analyses, did the certainty arrive: it is a Nebbiolo vine with very high quality characteristics. For that plant, with unique traits, and for that future Barolo, the path that began 25 years earlier now appears clear. The 2013 vintage, which has already matured for three years, first in tonneaux and then in large casks, continues its refinement in the bottle.

The same label shows the specifics and uniqueness of Vite Talin: a wine in which the grape shines more intensely than the terroir.

Tasting notes

Vite Talin is a rich, precious wine, suitable for long ageing, with an intense and impeccable garnet colour, with an ample and varied bouquet, currently profuse above all with fruity and floral scents, while the spicy ones are just hinted at. The structure is great, with a substantial power, also tannic, which reaffirms the wine’s great propensity for longevity.

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