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Our history. The beginning.

When Vittorio Frescobaldi – in the early Nineties – met Robert Mondavi, they gave life to a new chapter in the history of the great Tuscan wines, in the history of fine wines.

From that meeting, came Luce. It all started from the desire to make a dream come true: create excellent wines from Tuscany in a particularly suitable terroir, Montalcino.

An ambitious project called Luce della Vite, a tribute to this primary element that gives warmth, energy, and life: in nature, nothing would exist without light.

Over the years, Tenuta Luce honoured this vision and became a cradle where exclusive wines are born, wines that earned a widespread, international appreciation among the great wines from Tuscany.

Sun, warmth, life. This is the story of Luce.

From one generation to the other, the baton was given to Lamberto Frescobaldi, son of Vittorio.

Under his direction, Tenuta Luce della Vite has further strengthened the universe of expertise and knowledge, of discipline respectful of the rhythms of nature, of high quality oenological work thanks to which the fruits of the vines are transformed into excellent wines from Tuscany.


Lucente is Luce’s second wine. It’s the result of a selection of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes capable of producing a wine that stands out thanks to its immediacy and pleasantness, in a contemporary style. It’s the perfect representation of the unique territory where it is produced. The wine matures for 12 months in barriques inside Tenuta Luce’s cellar before bottling.

-Tasting notes: vintage 2022-

Winter was severe and brought little moisture, except for a brief snowfall in early February, while spring started dry and mild, with above-average temperatures at times, particularly in
March. Temperatures plunged abruptly on 8 April, inflicting freezes throughout Tuscany, but Tenuta Luce’s vineyards fortunately suffered no damage, since the high-elevation Sangiovese
vineyards are sited above the cold air, and the Merlot buds were still protected by their cottony sheath. Late May ushered in the first heat, preceding the flowering stage, in the first week of June for Merlot and the following week for Sangiovese. The summer months were hot and dry, until 16 July, which brought a providential rainfall that lowered temperatures and relieved the vines. That also created ideal conditions for veraison, which began in the third week of July. August experienced some rainfall between the third and fourth weeks, which beneficially lowered the heat and encouraged significant day-night temperature differentials, by as much as 15oC., conditions that preserved aromatic crispness and ripeness in the berries. Harvest, which began on 7 September with the first Merlot parcels and then in the second week with Sangiovese, was carried out in magnificent weather, with excellent diurnal temperature ranges and no rain.

Appearing a deep ruby red, Lucente boasts an intense bouquet of red berryfruit, wild blackberry, Parma violets, and other floral notes. Broad and generous on the palate, with tannins beautifully-integrated into the structure, it develops tangy, aromatic fruit on the mid-palate, including dark wild berry, black liquorice, and smooth spices.

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