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GAJA Rennina Brunello Montalcino 2010


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GAJA Rennina Brunello Montalcino 2010


Gaja winery was founded in 1859 in Barbaresco, in the heart of the Langhe, and has always been recognized as one of the iconic names in the production of Barbaresco. Since founding Giovanni, until Angelo Gaja, this family has been able to establish itself in the global wine scene thanks to an unique philosophy: the quest for quality.

Piedmont is one of the region most suitable for the production of great wines, where the Nebbiolo often takes on the contours of the poem. But the ground is obviously not enough, you need the passion and expertise of great men. And the name Gaja is certainly part of this category.

Angelo Gaja, grandfather, in the 60s, had the merit of renewing the traditions and import new production techniques; after killing the production per hectare for greater control of the fermentation temperature, by a careful use of the barrel to the passage of caps longer. In this way, Gaja has been able to be in step with the times, without falling into the error of fossilize in the tradition.

A successful, to Gaja, built with intelligence and insight, inherited from the rigors and sacrifices of their predecessors and developed and consolidated in recent decades thanks to the formidable leadership of Angelo. The past as experience, the future as a goal; so Gaja has built around himself the image of a strong and indispensable brand.


The name of this Brunello di Montalcino is lost in the Middle Ages. Rennina seems to be in fact due to the abbreviations that were used to indicate a state-owned farm. Gaja took possession of it in 1994 and returned a balanced product defined in its characteristic notes of red fruit and minerality . An excellent blend of subsoil rich in bays, south-west exposure, ventilation from the Tyrrhenian Sea and savoir-faire of the well-known brand. The circle closes with two years of aging between barriques and tonneaux.

-Tasting notes-

  • Color: concentrated and dense ruby red
  • Nose: mostly placed on plum jam and cherries, combined with floral notes of rose and a blend of sweet spices.
  • Mouth: in the mouth it is balanced, elegant, enveloping the structure of clear international style. Alcohol, although this offers only at its most enjoyable, giving considerable flexibility. The finish is of rare delicacy and elegance with a curious return of spicy and seductive

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