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Castello di Volpaia Coltassala Chianti Classico Riserva 2000


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Chianti Classico Riserva Coltassala Castello di Volpaia 2000


The Family

First Raffaello, then Carlo and Giovannella, today Nicolò and Federica, tomorrow Allegra, Olivia and Tito.

Four generations united in Volpaia’s dream.

Raphael, first of all, saw the wonder of Volpaia. Here he invited his friends to large dinners that culminated in the ritual of the porchetta banquet at San Lorenzo, the patron saint of Volpaia.

Carlo and Giovannella have dedicated their lives to bringing Volpaia back to being a village intimately involved in the production of wine, oil and vinegar. Charles, a navigator and dreamer, always wandered around the town with a tape measure in his pocket, a cypress in one hand and a rose in the other. Giovannella, active and chaotic, is the mother of all the inhabitants of Volpaia and, as such, authorized to beat anyone who comes across them. She is the soul of Volpaia!

Today Federica and Nicolò collect a precious legacy made up of timeless values, land and dreams. Federica, restorer, gallery owner, travels all over the world to promote Volpaia’s values, possibly where you can also ski. Nicolò is at the service of technology that applies to all his passions, first of all communication and agriculture. But the truth is that Nicolò is at the service of his children Allegra, Olivia and Tito.

The Wine

Our land.
Our culture.
Our legacy.

That of the Volpaia area is a unique terroir in the Chianti Classico area.

The vineyards about 45 hectares are over 400 m. above sea level. on predominantly sandstone soils rich in skeleton suitable for the production of elegant and long-lasting reds, harmonious and aristocratic wines that manage to maintain the fruity aromas of the best Sangiovese for a long time.

Typical wines of the so-called “Alto Chianti” and easily recognizable for the composite elegance of their bouquet referable, in addition to the microclimate of the area, also to the very particular clonal selection carried out by the farm that led to the rediscovery and re-engagement of ancient indigenous Sangiovese strains.

This long process led to the creation of 3 Crus: Coltassala, Il Puro and Balifico, each with its own distinctive features.


Coltassala, is the name of Volpaia’s oldest vineyard, populated with superior clones of ancient Sangiovese vines.

Coltassala, the archetype of the contemporary Chianti Classico.
Despite its original classification as Vino da Tavola, Coltassala was immediately recognized by the international press as a Super Tuscan.
The defining features of Coltassala went on to set the standard for a revised specification of Chianti Classico. Coltassala has surpassed the categorization it helped define and is now proudly classified as a DOCG Chianti Classico Gran Selezione.

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