CASTELLO DI VERDUNO Barolo Monvigliero Riserva 2016


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CASTELLO DI VERDUNO Barolo Monvigliero Riserva 2016

Cellar Castello di Verduno

Work and tradition

If the vineards requires attection and summer’s thinning to allow at plants to mature the best fruit also into the conditions more duìifficult, On winery the task oas much as possible the characteristic of their native lands.


The vinification can define traditional, in particular for Barolo and Barbaresco, with a fermentation on open shaft and a long aging in large oak barrels in the cellar of Barbaresco.

Our casks in Barbaresco

Today the company “Castello di Verduno” owns a vineards in Barbaresco and in Verduno. Two are corporates center, for a distinct production phase. In Barbaresco is located the vinification’s cellar where born anbd mature the six wines at designation of origin of company production: Barbaresco, Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Verduno Pelaverga.

A Verduno are bottled wines , which are aged in the centuries-old cellars of the castle until the magic moment of the meeting with the board . From the pomace of Nebbiolo and Pelaverga distilled separately from Distillery Barbaresco born instead our grappas . The precise selection of grapes during the harvest , maceration calibrated , the long stay in barrels , are part of the corporate philosophy that always aims to bring the wine in front of the consumer when it is already able to give more satisfaction source.

Barolo Monvigliero Riserva

The hill of Monvigliero at 280 m.s.l.m. is completely espose at noon. Thanks at position and at land compose by white little marls, this subzone together the vinard of Cannubi of Barolo contends the quality primate on the whole Barolo’s territory. From 0.30 hectars of property, replant in 1969, and after a long aging on oak barrels get a Barolo Riserva che si distingue per la delicata fineness of parfumes and for elegance to value over time. When the grapes haven’t  the quality characteristic that require for this vineard waiver to the reserve.

Tasting Notes

Color : Ruby red

Perfume : Fresh with notes of red fruits e hints of cinnamon

Taste : Elegant, tannic and balanced structure

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