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BRAIDA Bricco dell’Uccellone Barbera d’Asti 2016 Magnum


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BRAIDA Bricco dell’Uccellone Barbera d’Asti 2016 Magnum



Braida’s story is linked to that of Rocchetta Tanaro, a small town in the Monferrato area. “My village is not a surprise, it is ten vineyards, six houses, one church“: these are the words of the chansonnier Paolo Frola, who is also the local GP in Rocchetta. The song was written with Gianni Mura, drinking the Barbera of Rocchetta. Some of the ten vineyards in Frola’s song belong to Braida. They were owned by grandfather Giuseppe, who left them to his son Giacomo, and now they are cultivated by Giuseppe and Raffaella Bologna. The estate is the product of the enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial courage of a bona fide Rocchettese, Giacomo Bologna.

“Braida” was the nickname that Giacomo’s father, Giuseppe Bologna, a professional carter, had earned himself by playing handball, because of his resemblance to the champion of this sport. Along with his father’s nickname Giacomo also inherited his love of the sport and of horses, and a large Barbera vineyard on the Rocchetta hills.

…Braida is…

Braida is Raffaella’s contagious laughter and Giuseppe’s absorbed expression. A brother and sister whose genes and gestures reveal the heritage of an exceptional Italian wine family. A heritage that they consolidate and expand every day, working hard and sharing its fine fruits with their wonderful team, their home-town, Rocchetta Tanaro, and all those who love their wines.
Braida is the “wood of thoughts”, up there in Montebruna, and the vine rootings lined up and ready to give life to a new Barbera vineyard at Asinara. Biodiversity and production rigour, genius, imagination and respect for tradition.

Braida is the story of Barbera and the unprecedented adventure of the white wines of the Langa, Nascetta, Chardonnay and Riesling.
Braida is the dream of Giacomo Bologna that Raffaella and Giuseppe, with hard work and dedication, have made into a solid, happy and beloved reality.


L’Uccellone was the nickname of a woman who lived on the hill where the vineyards were located. Her nose looked like a bird’s beak and she always wore black, and this is how she got her nickname in the village.

Grapes and Vineyard

Made with 100% Barbera grapes grown in estate-owned vineyards in Rocchetta Tanaro.

In the Cellar

Temperature controlled maceration on skins lasts 20 days. The wine is then transferred to oak barrels where it ages for 12 months, before ageing for another 12 months in the bottle.


  • Very deep ruby red colour with garnet highlights.
  • Rich and complex bouquet with outstanding concentration and density; scents of red berries and forest fruits are particularly evident, with a background of minty spices, vanilla and liquorice.
  • Generous flavour with excellent body and remarkable structure, a perfect combination of the characteristics of the grape and the contribution of wood, resulting in refined smoothness and class, with a very long aromatic persistence.
  • Ideal with roasts and meat dishes, also with sauces, and mature cheeses.
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