Marchesi Antinori Tignanello 2000


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Tignanello Marchesi Antinori 2000


The Antinori family has been active in wine production since 1385 when Giovanni Di Piero Antinori joined Fiorentina dei Vinattieri. Since then, management has been handed down through 26 generations. This is, of course, the result of innovative and courageous choices. Nevertheless, it has always brought respect for tradition and territory.

Today the company is run by Albiera Antinori, with the two sisters Allegra and Alessia, involved in business activities. The Marchese Piero Antinori is currently the Honorary President of the company.

Tradition, passion and intuition have caused the Marchesi Antinori to become one of the leading Italian wine producers.

Every vintage, every vineyard, every idea you want to put into effect is a new beginning. Marchese Piero argues that “ancient roots play an important role in our philosophy but have never inhibited our innovative spirit.” To the estate of Tuscany and Umbria, the historical heritage of the family, we have added investment in other areas dedicated to the production of quality wines in Italy and abroad.

The Marchesi Antinori makes continuous experiments in vineyards and cellars with selections of native and international grape clones, types of crops, altitudes of vineyards, fermentation and temperature methods, traditional and modern vinification techniques, different types of wood size and age of barrels , And varying the length of refining in the bottle.


The favorable weather patterns at the beginning of spring
favored an early budding of about one week for the
various varieties. All through the spring we had excellent
weather, warm temperatures and the right amount of rain,
resulting in excellent flowering and the relative vegetal
cycle. This optimal vegetative balance of the vines ended
in full ripening between the end of July and the beginning
of August, about 7 to 10 days earlier than usual. The
excessive heat wave around mid August, lasting only a
week, did not slow down maturation, and the first grapes
gathered showed immediate promise of an excellent
vintage. Due to the early ripening of the grapes, we began
our “green harvest” just after mid-August, selecting and
thinning to eliminate any excessive production. In
conclusion, the early harvest coupled with a rainless
period of picking allowed us to bring in excellent mature


The Tignanello vineyard is among the last to be harvested, and only painstakingly selected grapes
are used in this eponymous wine. The Cabernets were harvested from October the 1st and the
Sangiovese a week later. The grapes were vinified separately and were used methods which
guarantee a very gentle processing. Maceration took place in 50 hectoliter open wooden fermentors
with periodic cap submersion for better extraction of colour, complexity and tannins. During this
time (15 days for the Sangiovese and more than 20 days for the Cabernets), the wine completed its
alcoholic fermentation at a temperature never exceeding 30°C. The wine was then transferred into
225 liter French oak barrels (new and one-year- old Troncais and Alliers), where malolactic
fermentation was terminated by the year’s end. The wines were then racked, blended and returned
to the barriques for about 14 months of aging, after which time they were bottled and aged for a
further 12 months before release.
Alcohol : 13,5% Vol.

Tasting Notes

Intensely fruity and complex on the nose,with hints of wood full-bodied, rich and complex in the mouth with exceptional structure a and a lengthy finish.

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