LORENZO ACCOMASSO Pochi Filagn Barbera d’Alba 2018


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LORENZO ACCOMASSO Pochi Filagn Barbera d’Alba 2018

LORENZO ACCOMASSO Pochi Filagn Barbera d’Alba 2018


Lorenzo Accomasso is one of the legendary names of the Langhe area.

His wines are sought after by all the enthusiasts and connoisseurs of great Barolo and represent an important reference point for Piedmontese wine. This is a small artisanal winery, which has always fostered a deep relationship with the territory and its most ancient traditions. The farming culture, the respect and love for the land, and the careful and meticulous work in the vineyard as the core of the whole activity, are the cornerstones on which Lorenzo Accomasso has been able to build his success, step by step. He is a down-to-earth man, shy and soft-spoken, who has always avoided the spotlight, choosing to stay among the rows of vines (since 1958) and allowing his extraordinary wines to speak for themselves.

His estate is located in the hamlet of Annunziata di La Morra, in the north-west of the Barolo denomination area.

The three hectares of the winery’s estate are located in splendid sunny exposures, at an altitude of about 300 metres above sea level. The vineyards are cultivated with maniacal care in order to obtain high quality grapes.


Impenetrable garnet color with ruby reflections.

The nose is intense, with warm aromas of ripe fruit and in alcohol such as cherry, plum, bouquet of dried flowers accompanies a long spicy finish with the inevitable Dark earthy note.

In the mouth it is a real exposure, great structure and a nice tannin are supported by a great acid vein. Warm and very long finish.

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